Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Village Winter Newsletter

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Note: Restricted Parking Schedule

Parking Will Be Prohibited

Lake St.    South side from Mechanic St. to Water St.
Fri.,Sat.,Sun.: June, July, Aug.

Shethar St.    South side from Water St. to 217 feet east of the Mechanic St. curb                             Fri., Sat., Sun.:June, July, Aug.

Village Events

June 9 Village Trash Pick up Day
June 14 Run, Walk or Crawl, H’port School PTO
June-Labor Day Beaches Open, Champ.11-8,Depot 10:30-8
July-Aug. Music in the Park, Thurs. nights
July 3-5 Hammondsport Fireman’s Carnival
July 12 & 13 Art Show
July 19 & 20 Antique Boat Show
July-August-Palettes of Keuka Art Tour
Aug. 16 & 17  Craft Show
Aug. 23  Smoke On the Water BBQ Contest

For more information visit Chamber of Commerce website:

Annual Trash Pick Up Day

Annual Trash Pick Up Day is scheduled for June 9.
Village DPW will be pick up trash at the curb.
All items must be out no later than the night Before. The following items will not be accepted:
Household  Garbage
            Yard Debris
            Paint and Paint Thinner
            Concrete  and   Tires

Village Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction of Lake St. and Mechanic St. will begin the first week of June.
The streets will be completely torn up, water lines replaced and resurfaced.  The project will take approximately 3 months.  The construction company and the Village DPW will make every effort to accommodate residents getting in and out of driveways.
There will be days when the streets will be closed for all traffic but you will be notified in advance.

If you cannot get in and out of a driveway, you will need to park on an alternate street for a few days.

Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday mornings as usual.  If there is a change you will be notified in advance.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Friday, May 23, 2014

NOTICE: Keuka Lake closed to Motorized Boats

Keuka Lake closed to Motorized Boats until further notice.
By Order of the Steuben County Sheriff.
Click HERE for details.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reminder: Building season is here....

Building season is here and in most cases, zoning and building permits are required.
Please Note: Village and State Codes regulate residential rental units. If you are considering renting property or a portion of property, whether nightly, weekly or monthly, it is advisable to check with Village officials to see if any permits are required.


Beginning March 11, garbage will be picked-up on Tuesdays NOT Wednesdays.
Have garbage to the curb the night before. Re-cycling will be the second Tuesday of the month.

New GarbageHauler: Cardinal Disposal

Beginning March 5
607-243-7568  www.cardinaldisposal.com
Recycling tips:
Items should be clean and free from any food and liquid. Tops to all con-tainers should be placed in trash, all containers should be flattened. All shredded paper should be placed in a clear plastic trash bag.
Symbol #1 Code PET : Polyester fibers, soft drink bottles
#2 PEHD or HDPE :Plastic bottles, plas tic bags, trash cans, imitation wood
#3 PVC: Bottles for chemicals, flooring
#4 PELD or LDPE: Plastic bags,
buckets, soap dispenser bottles, plastic tubes
#6 PS: Toys, flower pots, video
cassettes, ashtrays, trunks
#7 O (Other)
Common Recycled Items:
Clear, brown, green glass food containers
Metal containers
Aluminum pie pans
Single-serving trays
Plastic food, personal care, and household cleaning product containers
Paper milk and juice containers
Telephone books
Office paper
Envelopes without the window
Magazines, catalogs & colored paper
Flattened clean cardboard
Clean newspaper
 Window glass
 Light bulbs
 Drinking glasses
 Ceramics
 China
 Pyrex
 Aerosol cans
 Paint cans
 Pesticide or other chemical containers
 Styrofoam trays
 Egg cartons
 Motor oil containers
 Carbon paper
 Plastic wrappers
 Crayon marked paper
 Tape or labels on cardboard

Note: You can start overnight parking on Village Streets April 1, 2014

Village Taxes Can Be Paid In Two Installments

Village of Hammondsport Real Property Taxes can be paid in two installments with the first installment totaling one half of the to-tal tax due beginning March 1 and the second installment totaling one half of the total tax due beginning July 1. First installment must be paid by June 30 to allow for two installment payments. If first installment is not paid by June 30, standard payment plan exists. Penalties and collection dates as follows:
First installment, one half total tax due: Penalties due and payable on first installment amount only.
March 1—March 31 No Penalty
April 1—April 30 5% Penalty
May 1—May 31 6% Penalty
June 1—June 30 7% Penalty
Second installment, one half total tax due: Penalties due on sec-ond installment amount only.
July 1—July 31 No Penalty
August 1—August 31 5% Penalty
September 1—September 30 6% Penalty
October 1—October 31 7% Penalty

Village Elections - March 18,2014

  Village Elections - March 18,2014

Village Elections will be held Tuesday March 18,2014 at the Fred and Harriet Taylor Memorial Library, 21 William Street, Hammondsport, NY, from Noon until 9:00 pm.

Vote for two (2) Trustee positions for a term of two (2) years each:
Anne Green, 53 Lake St., Hammondsport
Barbara (Bee) Keck, 70 Lake St.,#2, Hammondsport

Dave Luppino,80 Lake St., Hammondsport