Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Garbage Hauler for 2013

Hoad Disposal is the new Garbage Hauler contracted with the Village.
Please note the following:

As of March 1, recyclable items need to be separated.
Residential and Commercial Services Available.
2 to 8 yard dumpsters
20 & 30 yard Roll-offs
Residential and weekly trash pick-up
Construction Material No Longer Accepted

Acceptable Recycled Items:Mixed Paper
Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, etc.
Stack in 12” bundles or in paper bags

Plastic:#1 or #2, clear or colored
Rinse, remove and discard tops
Glass:Clear and green only
Cardboard:Clean, corrugated, paperboard,
Cereal boxes, tissue boxes.
Flatten and pile in bundles no more than
12” high and 36” long or in paper bags.
No waxy surface cardboard or pizza boxes.

Metal Food Cans
Tin and pet food and aluminum beverage.
Clean off food. Labels need not be removed.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS:Plastic Bags, Window glass, Light bulbs, Drinking glasses,
Ceramics, China, Pyrex, Aerosol cans, Paint cans,
Pesticide or other chemical containers, Styrofoam trays
Egg cartons, Motor oil containers, Carbon paper,
Plastic wrappers, Crayon marked paper, Tape or labels on cardboard.


March 2013 Newsletter is Online!

The March Village News Letter is now available.
A full PDF version of the current issue can be found here: