Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from all Village Board members and Village employees.

Village News

* Reminder….
Village Office will be closed for Holidays on December 24 and 25, January 1, January 16, & February 20.

* Budget….
The Village Board has begun working on the 2012-2013 General Fund and Water Fund Budgets. There will be a Public Hearing in January. Watch the newspaper for notice or posting outside the Village Office.

* Reminder….
Boat trailer registrations expire December 31. It is unlawful to have an unregistered vehicle parked on a village street. Inspection sticker color change for 2012: Yellow will expire in 2012

* Hammondsport Central School Band Concert, December 13
Check the school website for winter sport schedules: Hammondsportcsd.org

Village Election 2012

Village Elections will be held Tuesday March 20, 2012 from 12 pm—9 pm. The following offices will be filled:
Trustees—Two (2), positions, two (2) year term each.

Prospective candidates for the above offices must be 18 years of age or older, and must have been a resident of the Village for at least 30 days prior to the election. Absentee ballots can be picked up at the Village Office.

DPW and Water Department News

When leaving for the winter or closing your residence for the season, please call the DPW to assist you in turning your water off. It is unlawful to remove or tamper with a water meter. Contact the Village DPW/Water Department at 569-3704.

Attention Landlords: Water bills are no longer mailed to the tenant. Bills are now mailed to the property owner only.


Leaving The Village for the winter?
Please let the Village Clerk know your forwarding address so that you can receive your tax and water bills on time.

Just a reminder any water bills that remain unpaid as of January 31st will be levied on the Village March tax bill. Call for account status:

Winter 2011

Effective December 1 there is no parking on village streets between 2
am—6 am. This law is in effect until April 1. Please remember to move
your car off the street so plows can get through and make the streets safe for drivers. Not complying may resultin a parking ticket.
Also, according to Village Code, all property owners in the Village are
responsible to clear sidewalks ofsnow and ice within 24 hours of the
end of snowfall. Please do not shovelthe snow from sidewalks on to public streets.
Keeping the streets and sidewalks clear during the winter months is
important not only for the safety ofdrivers but for people, young and old, that have to walk to school, the grocery store or just to get the paper.
Please be a conscientious neighborand do your part in maintaining your